"The modern age has been characterized by Promethean spirit, a restless energy that preys on speed records and shortcuts, unmindful of the past, uncaring of the future, existing only for the moment and the quick fix ... Lost in a sea of perpetual technological transition, modern man and woman find themselves increasingly alienated from the ecological choreography of the planet."     Jeremy Rifkin

This is the story of Mark Hübner, artist/architect/builder/surfer and Nico Fischer, holistic doctor/family constellation therapist/yoga teacher/passionate cook. It is also about energy: the energy of the individual, of creativity and of nature.

Born in 1966 in Frankfurt, Germany, he developed an early, intense interest in drawing and painting. in his early twenties, he gravitated toward Munich and set up shop in an abandoned liquor factory on an island in the heart of the city. The artist switched his interest to sculpture, especially metal sculpture and begun to mount a production of performance art and stagecraft. Distortion, change, energy, and transformation are core concepts to all of his work. While he concentrated on his art career in Europe, he found himself getting sucked more and more into his other passion, surfing. 

His partner, Nico, born 1965 in Munich was developing a career as a homeopathic healer and owner of a yoga studio. The wealth of indigenous knowledge of tropical plants  and moving her studio in an natural environment was a big lure. Nico accompanied him on a trip in 2000, and the couple found some property on the Osa Peninsula, just down the beach from one of the area's four primary surfing breaks.
"The timing was just perfect, we needed change. It seemed as if someone, some higher power, just took us and put us there."

Nicola Fischer holistic doctor family constellation yoga teacher
The couple began to build with collected driftwood and harvested bamboo. They built a small home and then other small shacks and an outdoor yoga platform. Soon they started offering yoga classes to the public , Ticos and foreigners alike. All the while, Mark was developing his architectural design skills and building techniques. He claims to have been the first "colonizer" on the Osa to build structures entirely framed with bamboo. Before long, the couples burgeoning development became their eco-lodge "Ojo del Mar", the Eye of the Sea. 

Ojo del Mar fits the low-key local vibe. Nico serves healthy fresh meals for her guests, with seating for non-guests available by reservation only. Mark and Nico's eco-ethics are pragmatic, a development of their practice of living lightly amid the Osa's robust yet fragile ecosystem. 

Nico authored the book "Living in the Jungle: A Handbook of Sustainable Living on the Osa Peninsula". It contains advice from when to use pesticides, to where to buy organic produce and how to build with ethical consciousness. Back to the ecological choreography of the planet.
                              Art Installation "Atmósfera"
                              by Mark Huebner, 
                              Museum of Modern Art/ San José
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photos: Tania Cappellutitania.cappellutibbberlinyxde