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Nico & Mark, the owners of Ojo del Mar, like to share the adventure and natural beauty of the rainforest and ocean of the Osa Peninsula with their visiting guests, and to offer a sanctuary environment where the experience of renewal and relaxation, creative inspiration, transformation and self reflexion can take place.


New Art Showroom - Presenting the latest Work
Artist & co-owner Mark Huebner is known for his large scale Bamboo Installations and live Performances. Huebner has been presented @ the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Nacional Museum in Costa Rica and numerous Exhibitions & Installations in Europe and America.   » check:

"Our surroundings can and will enhance ones awareness and perception, but will not affect the core principles of the work itself; The impermanence and balance of energy in between, remain as a lasting message throughout the work."

mark huebner show room ojo del mar
The Show Room, located 8km south of Puerto Jimenez towards Matapalo, on the left hand side, showing a sign "Bamboo Rocks", or 3km north from Ojo Del Mar.

Art - Series

box3mark huebner artbox1

Presenting the multiple series 'Bamboo Rocks™”, a work piece in to go-size, reflecting Huebner’s work. This Ltd. Edition is now available to our guests and visitors [290$]. 

Hardwood | Bamboo | Glas 
Dimension: 44 x 14 x 10 cm, or 17 x 5,5 x 4 inches Each piece comes in a wooden box and can also be shipped [ USA . 55 $, Europe . 65 € ] to your home.

 Performed Art

Video trailer of Mark Huebner’s Art, a short trip through his past & current work

- 2010 Project "La Luz" @ Museo Nacional

- 2003 Project "ATMÓSFERA" @ MOMA, MADC

- 2012 Project "El Puente", MOMAC, FIA, Ministerio de Cultura 
1st large scale public Installation in Costa Rica.

expo bridgebamboo groupexpo greentanksexpo oxygenexpo crane

find out more about Huebner’s work @ all social media.

Bamboo Architecture

bamboo architecbamboo topbamboo roofbamboo housebamboo constructionbamboo roof2

Over the last 15 years living in the Osa Peninsula, Mark Huebner mastered the art of building with bamboo. His beautiful structures make an ideal sustainable alternative to hardwood, cement and metal constructions, avoiding strictly any use of industrial ingredients. 

Video trailer "Bamboo Rocks"
Mark provided workshops to spread the message and teach his unique technics. Structures have been build over the country, Mexico and Germany. 

[ Bamboo grows rapidly, yields high output in a small area, sequesters carbon, and does not require pesticides for cultivation ]. 

Mark says: "Bamboo is not only sustainable, it's sexy!"

living in the junge book Nicola Fischer

Living in the jungle / Handbook

A handbook for sustainable living on the Osa Peninsula, in the Golfo Dulce area, and anywhere you care.

Nico is the author of this book that offers helpful information and attempts to find harmony between our lives and this magnificent environment. 

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