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"We are writing to tell you what a fabulous time our women's group had at Ojo del Mar. Your welcoming ways, flexibility, and personality made our stay so enjoyable that we are still getting positive feedback from participants. We so enjoyed the wildness and beauty of the jungle while staying comfortable at Ojo del Mar. Our guests were treated to simple but elegant accomodations and beautifully presented wholesome, healthy meals. Your care for the land contributed to the experience and made us especially glad for the opportunity to support your efforts. Thank you so much for establishing one of the best retreat centers in one of the most beautiful spots on the earth!" 

In peace,
Gaiamore and Jewels

Calendar 2017 / 2018

January 07 - 13th 2017
Betsy Shilling
Goddess Tribe Yoga Retreat
January 14 - 21st 2017
Basia Going
Connecting with Compassion
Jan. 28th - Feb. 05th 2017
Christopher Ray

Advanced Therapeutic
Thai Massage
February 12 - 18th 2017
Ame Wren &
Brenna Matthews
Ame Wren
Yoga Retreat
February 18 - 25th 2017
Patti Shelton
soon to be announced
Feb. 25th - March 04th 2017
Haleh Liza & Matt Kilmer
Winter Singing Retreat
Songs of the Mystic Wild
April 08 - 15th 2017
Tami Ellis
Two feet one World
Yoga Retreat
April 22nd - 29th 2017
Gloria Coppola &
Louisa Rodriguez-Diaz
Soulful Purpose Retreat
Ath 2017

Betsy Shilling

Goddess Tribe Yoga Retreat

January 07- 13th  2017

betsy shillingI'm Betsy, a soul-adventurer and lover of life in all its forms.
It is my passion and great joy to journey alongside you supporting your growth and renewal in mind, body and soul. I first began exploring the ancient healing arts as a child, studying and teaching martial arts. This led me to research and teach meditation and to an undergraduate focus in psychology and psychobiology. Today, my yoga practice is the fullest expression of my gifts and studies. 

I currently specialize in Myofascial Release with Yoga Tune Up® Therapy and creative, Prana Flow inspired Bhakti Vinyasa Yoga. Yoga Alliance RYT 500, Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200, Yoga Tune Up® Teacher Certified.

The Goddess Tribe
My teacher-friend Cosetta Romani beautifully said, "Community is our new currency and us women are naturally inclined to support one another when we recognize our interdependence." Held in the power, compassion, and brilliance of the Goddess Tribe that we will become through our shared experience and intention, you will find inspiration and support to release fear that has kept you too small for too long and expand beyond your perceived limitations. (this retreat is for women only)

read more about Betsy on her website:

Adventure Trip lead by Basia Going in Costa Rica

January 14 - 21st 2017

Details and Additional Information:
Connecting with Compassion

Join Basia Going for an unforgettable Retreat in Paradise. Tropical jungle, right on the beach and unbelivable food!

Enjoy morning yoga with Basia Going on a Jungle Deck. Spend a portion of the day surfing, hiking, riding horses, or just chilling in the hammock doing absolutely nothing. May your senses play at each meal, prepared from fresh local foods by a fantastic cook!

• Yoga every morning 
- unless you have other plans....

• Breathing & Meditation in the evening
- unless you can't wait for that beer... - yes, there is a funky bar...

• Fresh meals - yes, you will be hungry 
- so much fresh air, surfing, kayaking, hiking....

• Accomodation - bamboo cabins, great beds, outside showers
(monkeys have a great view...) - pictures worthy!

• Adventure Trips - kayaking, surfing, hiking, ziplining, and much more... 
- pick & choose!

Chris Ray will be with us for the retreat!!!
for more information see:

Christopher Ray

Advanced Therapeutic Thai Massage

with Christopher Ray & Kate Lewandowski 
January 28th - February 05th 2017

ojo del mar costa rica retreat yogaOur 40-hour training provides a balance between the focused discipline of studying Thai Massage and the rejuvenating spirit of a tropical vacation.

This intensive is for massage practitioners who would like to deepen their bodywork, learn how to maintain the health of their own bodies while giving massage, receive good bodywork, and fire up new inspiration for their massage practice.

Learn refined, therapeutic massage techniques, while doing self-rejuvenating exercises (yoga, swimming, surfing, Chi Kung, swinging in a hammock, etc..).

For detailed information we ask you go to Christopher's website: 

chrisMeet Christopher: 
In 1993, I walked away from my successful construction company in Evanston, Il, gave away or sold everything I had accumulated, and traveled to Costa Rica. On my return a year and a half later, life seemed to have stood still, but now I knew there was so much more than the illusion I had been absorbed in. This began my heart-opening journey into massage, bodywork and self-rediscovery. For the past nine years, I have traveled annually to Thailand, spending 2 to 3 months, not only to get my own body worked, but to continue my study in both Thai massage and Life. I have worked with many teachers there, but I always return to Master Pichest Boonthumme.

I feel we all have a bag of “issues” that burdens us; some of us carry bigger bags than others. I am here to continually look through my own bag, and clean out what no longer serves me. Going through this process helps me feel brighter, healthier, and more capable of loving unconditionally. Receiving and giving bodywork helps me accomplish this. I am passionate about assisting people in opening up their bodies, emptying the bags that weigh them down, and making life more effortless. (It’s easier than we realize!) Providing three to five-hour sessions combined with breath work has proven to be very transformative in this regard.

I am grateful to be able to witness the incredible power of deep, ego-less, spirit-connected bodywork and breath work in transforming peoples’ realities.

"Where the mind goes, energy follows.

It’s not good, it’s not bad, it just is."

for more information you may have a look at Christopher's website: www.thaimassagebodywork.com/CR2016.html

Ame Wren Yoga Retreat

February 12 - 18th 2017

After years of searching, Ame is excited to have finally found the perfect retreat spot in Costa Rica:
Combine pristine shores, a rainforest backdrop, blissful food sourced from an on-site garden,  outdoor act10showers, and a yoga deck in the jungle and you have Ojo Del Mar.

Fall asleep under clear skies among monkeys, birds and waves breaking. Wake to the smell of home-cooked breakfast and Costa Rican coffee. Rustic, solar-powered and off-the grid, Ojo Del Mar is the perfect place for the adventurous spirit to escape the cold winter and reconnect to the land.

We will begin each morning with a rockin’, sweat-inducing and muscle-loosening vinyasa class. The day is then yours to surf, frolic, climb a tree, go for an escapade (kayaking, zip-lining, hiking) or snooze in a hammock. The evening practice will serve to cool you down (think yin, restorative, meditation) and prepare you for the best sleep you’ll ever have.

About your teachers:
AmeBrennaAme and Brenna met, how else, in a yoga studio when Brenna stumbled into one of Ame’s classes. Over the past few years their mutual love of all-things vegetarian, vinyasa, dog friendly and most recently bike friendly has kindled a close friendship.

They are both hugely inspired by NYC-style yoga and traveling. This will be their second retreat together and they are looking forward to unplugging, eating lots of mangoes and learning to surf.

to see information about prices please click here. 
website: http://www.amewren.com

Winter Singing Retreat: Songs of the Mystic Wild

February 25th - March 4th
w/ Haleh Liza and drummer Matt Kilmer

We will open and strengthen our voices, enjoy the magic of group singing, and learn beautiful medicine songs that connect us more deeply with nature.  

Feeling the vibration of your own voice through your body, feeling the resonance in your bones, your chest, your head, is medicinal...it's a sonic massage for your cells. And singing, especially group singing, central to so many cultures, brings us together in ways words alone can't do, allowing us to touch what Rumi called, the "sea of spirits."

We will have one singing circle in the morning to open and warm up our voices and one in the evening. 
The songs are with us through the retreat, so there is often 
spontaneous singing and music happening throughout our time.  

During our singing circles, we will practice various techniques to free up our voices, we will sing open syllabic chants (beyond words), and learn a selection of beautiful earth, water, and fire songs from South American traditions, all in reverence to the elements, with the goal of connecting us with nature and soul.  I will also share some chants from my own Persian heritage, so you will get to hear and sing words by the mystical poet Rumi in the original language. These are powerful, heart-opening chants that introduce us to a rich and deep mystical tradition.


Haleh’s retreats are a true combination of spiritual practice and amazing singing instruction. Life-affirming, heart opening, liberating, joyful experience that reminds us, through singing and making music together, how precious human connection is and that anything is possible.  Baha R.

Haleh’s singing circles are so uplifting, she creates an open positive and welcoming environment for us to explore our voices within. I feel so rejuvenated after spending time in these circles, and singing with people I know and don’t know is a fun way to deepen and make new connections.  Kayla J.

The energy and freedom I’ve felt has been invaluable. I feel at home and at peace while singing with this wonderful group of amazing individuals. I can already feel that it will be a bit difficult to leave this place. Haleh and this group have given me the tools to continue singing on my own in my day to day life. I am so thankful.  Alexander K.


Two feet one World Yoga Retreat

April 08 - 15th 2017

Join Tami Ellis and the staff at Ojo Del Mar Resort for an extraordinary yoga retreat where you will explore that which inspires A Beautiful Life of passion, presence and peace.

tamiellis retreat
The mornings will commence with meditation and Vinyasa Flow Yoga.  Breakfast will be held in silence to cultivate awareness of our beautiful surroundings. The rest of the day will be yours, absolutely free, to explore the jungle on horseback, learn how to surf, spend time in the canopy of trees, kayak, swim, lounge on the beach or take advantage of on site spa services. Every evening will begin with Yin yoga, exploring the philosophical shadows of our life and urging our practice to explore our deeper postures and abilities. Evening socialization and wine will be encouraged (of course). There are enough rules in life. 

Tami Ellis will be your guide during this exploration as you retreat into one of the world’s most extraordinary places. Tami describes herself as mother of two beautiful children, physical therapist for 22 years and an avid explorer of the world and life. Tami's journey into yoga began 20 years ago when she started to explore the practice, mostly to inspire fitness. She has been actively teaching yoga since 2014.

For more information click here to download: A_Beautiful_Life_Costa_Rica.docx (word document) 

or contact Tami either by telephone: 1-403-866-6064 or email: twofeetoneworld@gmail.com


Soulful Purpose Retreat

with Gloria Coppola & Louisa Rodriguez-Diaz
April 22nd - 29th, 2017
Women, You are invited!
Are you ready to open your mind and shift your awareness to a level that will bring you more in tune with your inner wisdom?
​Allow me to encourage you ~ support you ~ and provide you an experiential chance of your lifetime to commune with the labyrinth of your soul.
Soulful purpose retreats are for women of all ages!
I've worked with women from 18 - 70+! 
Designed with you in mind to reach your full potential and have FUN doing it!
Embrace nature, recoup your mind, and restore your spirit in a sacred community that will help you blossom!

Meet Your Hostesses:

gloria coppolaGloria Coppola
Retreat Leader
Spiritual Guide and Mentor
Health Coach
Massage Therapist 
Author- Both Ends of the Rainbow

Welcome, I'm excited to take you on  journey that will be an experience you will not only enjoy but will impact your lifestyle. I truly love empowering women to reach their full potential and I must have fun too! I have over 35 years in wellness and have been hosting retreats for over 12 years.
As your host and guide and navigator of life, we will create together a lifetime of memories.
Let's play together & have fun!

louisa rodriguez diazLouisa Rodriguez-Diaz
Licensed Massage Therapist 
Certified Personal Trainer
Yoga Therapist

Louisa is a delightful and beautiful soul, native to New Jersey. A devoted wife and mother of 2 amazing girls, also yoga enthusiasts. 
Louisa has been in the healing arts for more than 11 years and enjoys sharing her love of yoga and pranayama, mantra sound therapy and vedic principles with her students.
for more information click: http://www.gloriacoppola.com

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