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Are you ready for a deep flowing, juicy Yoga class in the heart of the jungle at the edge of a secluded beach with scarlet macaws above and warm breezes all around?

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We offer daily classes of Vinyasa/Hatha Yoga, an energetic flow of postures in sequence designed to obtain harmony and balance for body and soul. Here, Yoga is a way of life! 

Our new beautiful yoga shala features a hard wood dance floor, insulated bamboo roof and movable screen doors. Or practice on our open-air deck right on the beach shaded by cool giant palm trees and towering almond trees overlooking the Golfo Dulce provides the perfect environment to practice Yoga.

"To twist and stretch is a body holiday. There is the unexpected delight

in meeting earth and sky at the same moment. Gravity !"  
(A new way of Yoga, by Vaude Scaravelli)

Budda Yoga deckWe welcome individuals and groups of all sorts. 

Daily morning classes (90 min.) $15 

Classes start at 7:30 am (after a light breakfast of fruit and granola we serve you a full breakfast after the class ...)

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